Hamas may have reaped financial windfall betting against Israeli stocks…

Posted by December 4, 2023

Investors linked to Hamas may have reaped massive financial windfalls from the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks, according to a pair of promine

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Wartime Israel shows little tolerance for Palestinian dissent

Posted by November 30, 2023

JERUSALEM (AP) — Bayan Khateeb knows she’s a terrible cook. So when she managed to pull off a dish of cooked tomato

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EU diplomacy chief urges ‘long lasting’ Gaza truce

Posted by November 27, 2023

BARCELONA: EU’s top foreign policy official Josep Borrell called for an extension of the truce in the Gaza Strip, which is due to end on Tuesday. The four-day

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UN says 61 trucks deliver aid in northern Gaza

Posted by November 26, 2023

WASHINGTON: The United Nations on Saturday said 61 trucks carrying medical supplies, food and water had delivered their payloads in northern Gaza, as a pause in

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Israel, Hamas to start first truce in Gaza war

Posted by November 24, 2023

DOHA/GAZA: Israel and Hamas start a four-day truce on Friday morning with the Hamas to release a first group of 13 Israeli women and child hostages later in the

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Yemen’s Houthis say they seized Israeli vessel, Israel denies

Posted by November 19, 2023

HODEIDA: Yemen’s Houthi militia said on Sunday they had seized an Israeli ship in the Red Sea, a claim immediately denied by Israel. The allegation came days

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Live updates | Limited telecom services return to Gaza, but…

Posted by November 17, 2023

Limited phone and internet services began working again Friday across Gaza after fuel was delivered to restart generato

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Palestinians in the West Bank say Israeli settlers attack them,…

Posted by November 17, 2023

East Jerusalem — Just to enter the driveway of his own home in East Jerusalem, Sa'adat Gharib must pass through a gate controlled remotely by Israeli securit

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Israeli troops raided Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital. Here is what they…

Posted by November 15, 2023

Israeli troops raided Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital. Here is what they were looking for. - CBS News

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Teachers confront misinformation on social media as they teach about…

Posted by November 14, 2023

As Israel continues its assault on the Gaza Strip, teachers in the U.S. are faced with the challenge of educating their students about the reg

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