Machine Intelligence: Real or Oxymoron?

Posted by August 8, 2023

Kasparov won the first match, held in Philadelphia, by 4–2. The IBM team quickly learnt from the defeat, made modifications to the program, and a

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Welcome to a World Without Endings

Posted by June 5, 2023

Late last month, during yet another inexplicable rebranding exercise, HBO’s Max streaming service changed the way it organizes film credits. Rather than separ

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Here’s How AI Will Come for Your Job

Posted by May 17, 2023

Abandon all hope, ye who merge spreadsheet cells! Last week, at its annual I/O conference, Google spent hours detailing how large language models would help the

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How AI could upend the world even more than electricity…

Posted by March 19, 2023

The rise of artificial general intelligence - now seen as inevitable in Silicon Valley - will bring change that is "orders of magnitude" greater than anything t

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