Design is about transporting someone into a parallel world, says…

Posted by April 22, 2023

“I don’t sketch. Never have. That, to me, is not the best way to bring my vision to life. I first create the world around a creation… When I do runway s

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With Its Serene Japanese Garden in the Middle of Paris,…

Posted by April 17, 2023

In 1993, Japanese fashion designer Kenzō Takada built the Kenzo House in Paris, a serene enclave amid the typical Haussmann-style buildings of the bu

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Extra time: New twist in death of fashion designer; more…

Posted by March 25, 2023

ByEyewitness News Saturday, March 25, 2023 12:13AMNEW YORK (WABC) -- In this edition of 'Eyewitness News Extra Time,' we have more on new twist in the death of

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Brace yourselves: M3GAN is getting into fashion

Posted by March 16, 2023

The robotic girl from the titular film, M3GAN, has been a gay icon, a TikTok sensation and inspired countless memes. She can now add style superstar and model

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French Fashion Designer Stephan Janson On His Friendship With Yves…

Posted by March 7, 2023

Established in 1989, fashion house Stephan Janson proposes an elegant and timeless spirit of flowing lines, bias cuts, Provençal and Moroccan influences. A har

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Meet the Qatari designers breaking into the global fashion scene

Posted by March 6, 2023

SCENES shines a spotlight on youth around the world that are breaking down barriers and creating change. The character-driven short films will inspire and amaze

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Indigenous fashion designer fundraises for international opportunity – Okanagan |…

Posted by February 3, 2023

Indigenous fashion designer Jill Setah’s designs are taking her across the pond, with an opportunity of a lifetime to present her pieces and culture on

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The India decade for fashion on the global stage: Anita…

Posted by January 23, 2023

Celebrity fashion designer Masaba Gupta’s podcast on Luminary—the world’s leading subscription-based podcast and audio entertainment network—has been ma

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Traditional loafers are making a comeback in the fashion world

Posted by January 18, 2023

As Paris Fashion Week kicks off this week, people are ditching their trusty trainers for something a little more old-fashioned: traditional dress shoes. Data f

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