Third World Countries: Definition, Criteria, and List of Countries

Posted by February 18, 2024

What Is the Third World? "Third World" is an outdated and derogatory phrase that was used in the 20th century to characterize nations that were economica

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Earthquake Damage in Türkiye Estimated to Exceed $34 billion: World…

Posted by February 5, 2024

ANKARA, February 27, 2023—The two very large earthquakes of February 6 caused an estimated $34.2 billion in direct physical damages in Türkiye, the

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The World’s Leading Financial Cities

Posted by December 20, 2023

A financial center or hub is a city that is strategically located and has a concentration of top-tier financial institutions, reputable stock exchanges, publi

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Dominican Republic’s nautical tourism flourishes with over 3,000 Vessels in…

Posted by December 11, 2023

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic has witnessed a remarkable surge in nautical tourism, with over 3,000 vessels arriving in 2023. This sector, which has si

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